LITA Designations Terms of Use


The LITA Designations Terms of Use have been developed to provide guidance on the acceptable manner in which the LITA Designations may be used. The LITA Designations may be used only as described in these Terms of Use. LITA would like to encourage successful candidates to make use of the LITA Designations in their signatures, business titles, communications and marketing material.

Available LITA Designations

LITA owns the following Designations:

  • LITK – when passing the LITA Lean IT Kaizen exam.
  • LITL – when passing the LITA Lean IT Leadership exam.
  • LITP – Lean IT Professional – This designation will be awarded by LITA to candidates who have successfully passed 3 LITA certifications.

Lean IT Professional

The LITP title will be granted to any individual who has passed 3 LITA Lean IT certifications:

  • LITA Lean IT Foundation
  • LITA Lean IT Kaizen
  • LITA Lean IT Leadership

Please send a copy of the 3 certificates to and we will confirm the LITA Lean IT Professional title.

Designations Usage

These Designations are intended to be used with a certified party’s name in the following manner.

Correct Use: <First Name> <Last Name>, LITK (or LITL or LITP)

These Designations are intended to be presented as per the example above, i.e. in capital letters with no periods after each letter. Individuals are only allowed to use these Designations if they hold the relevant LITA certificate. LITA reserves the right to prevent an individual from using the Designations in case of misbehavior.