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New to Lean IT? Interested in understanding how real companies are using Lean IT to improve the value of their service delivery as they strive for continual service improvements? Have you wondered how training offered by the Lean IT Association (LITA) can help individuals and organizations extend the value-chain you can provide to your clients?

If so, our new 30-Minute Practical Use Case Webinar Series with Reni Friis is a must attend event for you. Reni is a Lean IT Subject Matter Expert and a member of the Lean IT Association Review Board. She is the Founder and Partner of Bluehat ApS. In our three-part series, Reni will share real world practical use cases on how Lean IT Training and accreditation can help practitioners extend the benefits of IT Service Management. Where she will provide you insight real-world application of Lean IT Leadership.

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Reni Friis

Partner - Founder, BlueHat P/S

I have a passion for the IT industry! Most of all for trying to make it better. Both in terms of the way people work,… Read more »