Lean IT in Action March 2017

Dominique-van-den-Boom Welcome to our March 2017 edition of “Lean IT in Action.” The purpose of this newsletter is to provide you an update on what’s happening in the world of Lean IT and LITA.

We started 2017 planning and preparing for this year by focusing on how to grow our worldwide Lean IT Community. A key objective is to expand the number of Lean IT Professionals who will share their experiences with Lean IT. In this fast paced world of digital transformations and changing IT landscapes everyone wants to gain a better understanding of what enterprise organizations are facing.

In terms of organizational changes within the LITA Board of Directors. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bernd Taselaar, LITA Chairman and EXIN CEO, for his contributions and leadership to the Board in 2016. I am also very pleased to welcome Sukhbir Jasuja, who has taken over the Chairmanship duties for this year.

I have had many question about why are we so passionate about Lean IT?

Fact is, when resources are scarce, organizations need to be conscious about their investments, whether it’s about investments in improving processes, in buying new technology or investing in people. It is also becoming increasingly important to know whether these investments will eventually result in the creation of more value, in happier customers, less waste and an overall better company performance.

In this newsletter, you’ll find experts talking about the relationship between e.g. ITSM, ITIL, Agile or DevOps and transformational programs. We know that any transformation or change starts with ‘changing the attitude and behaviour of people’ to empower them to ‘continuously improve’ the way they operate. Having said that, Lean IT may be considered the basis of many of these frameworks and methodologies as it empowers people to take ownership and make the right decisions by providing them the tools to prioritize, organize and manage their work.

This year we will continue to focus on creating a ‘common language’ for business as well as IT. We’ll keep on supporting our growing global community of training- and consulting organizations and we’ll also start reaching out to LITA Ambassadors. If the new mantra is ‘better, faster and cheaper’, there’s no time to waste.

Good Reading!