LITA Interviews New Chairman Sukhbir Jasuja

We are very proud to inform you that ITpreneurs’ CEO, Sukhbir Jasuja, is now Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Lean IT Association (LITA). We wanted you to get to know him, so we sat down with him and asked him a few questions about LITA in the market, and how Lean IT is advancing the ITSM value chain.

LITA: As a Founding member of LITA, how have you seen the market respond to Lean IT?

Sukhbir: We are seeing more and more industries adopting Lean IT. Telecom, Healthcare, Accounting, Banking, Insurance to name a few. Their IT departments understand how very powerful Lean tools are for the reduction of waste, improved processes and continuous improvement.

LITA: What challenges do you see in terms of organizations adapting Lean IT, and how can the LITA Certification Scheme help them?

Sukhbir: With the fast paced changes that we see happening by IT innovations in Cloud, DevOps, Agile to name a few. It’s imperative for professionals and organizations to want a clear understanding of the best ways to use the tools available to them. ITSM, Lean IT, Agile, DevOps, all have a role to play. The LITA Certification Scheme provides individuals the training needed to adapt to change and help organizations realize their own IT transformational journey.

LITA: Why are all of the LITA stakeholder so passionate about Lean IT?

Sukhbir: At LITA we believe that Lean offers a powerful set of principles, guidelines and tools to improve business capabilities and outcomes. The words of the Toyota Chairman Fujio Cho, Gemba means Go see, ask why and show respect and that still resonates today in all of us that believe in Lean IT.