LITA Represented at FUSION 16

Putting the Puzzle Together – Integrating Emerging Best Practices

troy-dumoulinTroy DuMoulin
VP, Research & Development, Pink Elephant

We are pleased to announce that Troy DuMoulin, VP Research & Development at Pink Elephant will be representing LITA at FUSION 16. Pink Elephant, a founding member of the Lean IT Association, and Troy has been major contributor to the LITA curriculum, and a dedicated evangelists for Lean IT. FUSION 16 is that’s taking place November 1-4 at the MGM, Las Vegas, USA

Troy’s Presentation is titled: Putting the Puzzle Together: Integrating Best Practices. Interested in learning more about FUSION 16?
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As organizations shift gears to accommodate the business need for speed and agility there is a growing interest in models and methods to accelerate business value generation. However, at the same time there is growing confusion on how these different models such as Lean, Agile Software Development and DevOps connect and how they relate to the principles and practices of IT Service Management.

Join Troy for this informative session as he provides an easy-to-understand blueprint for how these different pieces fit together within the larger puzzle and how to leverage each of them to accelerate your value creating processes.


Interested in learning more about FUSION 16?
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