Volumes Point to Growing Adoption of Lean IT

apmGlobal accreditation and certification body APMG International has over 20 years’ experience of providing industry recognized professional certifications for knowledge-based workers.

Since entering the ITIL market in 2007, APMG’s portfolio of IT Service Management certification programs has grown significantly, offering a selection of certifications and career development opportunities for IT professionals and those pursuing a career in IT.

In partnership with global training provider Quint Wellington Redwood, APMG has offered their Lean IT training and certification program since 2011.

Certification numbers have been growing rapidly year-on-year since launch, and that trend looks to be continuing with 2016-so-far data pointing to a 60% increase on 2015.

In 2015 APMG & Quint – alongside EXIN, PEOPLECERT, ITPreneurs and Pink Elephant – became founding members of the Lean IT Association (LITA), which lead to APMG & Quint’s existing training & certification program align with LITA’s official guidance.

The Lean IT Association’s primary goal is to establish a global standard for Lean IT education and certification, providing a valuable reference for Lean practitioners. As Nick Houlton – Chief Operating Officer at APMG International – explains:

The IT industry has embraced these principles using the term Lean IT, but while there have been some fragmented initiatives for education and certification in Lean IT, there is no universally accepted program or thought leadership. The Lean IT Association is aiming to remedy that.

Nick Houlton – Chief Operating Officer at APMG International

Lean IT – with its strong focus on customer value and eliminating wasteful processes and effort – is becoming increasingly popular with IT professionals and the organizations they represent, and this is reflected in the growth of training & certification since APMG launched its Lean IT offering.

Training and certification help individuals to:

  • Be familiar with and have knowledge of the concepts and core principles of Lean;
  • Be acquainted with the use of several Lean IT analysis tools;
  • Understand what Lean IT means for an organization and its customers;
  • Understand the application of the Lean philosophy in an IT environment.

APMG Lean IT exams have been taken in over 30 countries, and the program is currently proving particularly popular in North America, Europe & Asia. This growth in international demand has seen the introduction of translated syllabi and exams, with Foundation now available in English, Spanish, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese.

The LITA scheme has developed rapidly to now include three distinct certifications suitable for people possessing different knowledge and skill sets. Foundation constitutes the entry level certification, followed by Lean IT Kaizen Lead and Lean IT Leader. A fourth certification – Lean IT Coach is currently in development.

Candidates will experience a greater challenge and breadth of knowledge as they progress through the levels until they are equipped with the competencies needed to support corporate introduction or development of Lean IT initiatives.

Supporting training courses are available via APMG’s international network of over 30 Lean IT Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs), offering training solutions globally.

Find out more about Lean IT training and certification at www.apmg-international.com